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Essential Garage Door Spring Care Tips

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Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement Southlake, TX

Regardless of the garage door type you have, keeping your springs in proper working order is essential. This guarantees the smooth opening and closing of your door and your family’s and your property’s safety. Below are maintenance tips for caring for your garage door springs and how Meadows Garage Doors can help you with garage door spring replacement in Southlake, TX.

Regularly Check the Tension

The springs that open and close your garage door take a lot of strain daily, so it’s essential to ensure they remain correctly tensioned. To do this, you can pull up the cable attached to the bottom of your garage door and pay attention to how much tension is present. You may need an expert to adjust the springs if there isn’t enough tension.

Replace Worn-Out Springs

As garage door springs age, they can become weak or loose, preventing your door from opening and closing correctly. If you notice that your garage door is noisy when it moves or you struggle to open it, this may be a sign that you require a garage door torsion spring replacement.

Inspect for Rust

Metal components on your garage door will be subject to rust and corrosion over time. Therefore, regularly scheduling garage door services to have the cables, springs, and hardware inspected for signs of rust or wear is essential.

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