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The Leading Causes Of Garage Door Damage

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There are inevitable instances that lead to garage door repair in Southlake, TX. No matter how much care we put into our garage doors, they will still experience damage or malfunction. Understanding the causes of garage door damage can help homeowners take proactive measures to avoid inconvenience and costly repairs.

Why Is My Garage Door Busted?

Wear and tear is the most common cause of garage door damage. Constant use, exposure to the elements, and lack of regular maintenance lead to the deterioration of various components. Heavy-handed and careless use adds to it. Springs, cables, rollers, and tracks fall victim to wear and tear. As these parts wear out, they become misaligned, rusted, or broken, causing the garage door to malfunction.

Accidents or collisions are also common instances of garage door damage. Vehicles can back into the garage door and stray objects can hit the door. The impact resulting from severe weather conditions such as storms or high winds is damaging. They result in dents, dings, or structural damage to the door panels, tracks, or hardware. Prompt repairs are essential to restore the functionality and safety of the garage door.

Issues with the garage door opener can also lead to damage and malfunctions. Faulty wiring, worn-out motor components, or misaligned sensors cause the opener to malfunction. These can be dangerous, resulting in difficulty opening or closing the door. You need a professional garage door opener repair service for quick repairs and to prevent further damage to the door system.

Why You Need The Right Garage Door Specialists

Improper installation or poor-quality components also contribute to garage door damage. Inadequate installation techniques, substandard materials, or DIY attempts without proper knowledge and tools lead to premature wear and tear, frequent breakdowns, and safety hazards.

Don’t do DIY or trust unproven work from fly-by-night or shady companies. Repair, maintenance, and installation must only be from professional garage door repair service providers. Call Meadows Garage Doors today for all garage door services and expert repairs at the first sign of trouble. Our 20-plus years in the industry make us the local authority.

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