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We Fix Garage Doors in Keller TX!

When you need garage door service, new garage door installation, or garage door repair in Keller TX, rely on Meadows Garage Doors. Our highly experienced garage door technicians have been providing friendly and fast garage door service near Keller TX for over 17 years. We know today’s homeowners are busy. Call Meadows Garage Doors for same-day service with quality workmanship for all of your garage door needs.  

Need Help With Your Broken Garage Door Springs?

When you have a broken garage door spring in Keller TX, a professional garage door technician should always handle spring repairs or replacements. Garage door springs are under a high amount of tension, making them dangerous, especially when broken. For garage safety, and, more importantly, for our customer’s safety, our highly experienced team will diagnose and handle all of your garage door spring repair needs.

When one spring is replaced, we recommend having both replaced since typically the second one won’t be far behind in requiring repairs. Our garage door technicians can quickly handle your garage repair needs to keep your garage door opening and closing safely.

garage door repair keller tx

We Provide Garage Door Service and Repair Near Keller TX

Your garage door is a large portion of your home’s façade. To maintain your home’s curb appeal and the efficiency of your door, you need a full-service garage door company to handle all of your garage door needs. We’ve seen it all, from damaged panels to accidental car mishaps to weather stripping and hinges needing replacement. We work with all makes and models of doors and we will be happy to program your remote, keypad, or car that needs to be re-synced.

We also recommend regular garage door tune-ups. We will tighten all parts, check tension and alignment, inspect wiring as well as lubricate all moving parts. In addition to the other important garage door services we provide during your tune-up, you’ll enjoy the quiet reliability of your garage door to keep your day moving smoothly. Call us today for your free estimate and same-day garage door repair in Keller TX!

We’ll Help You Choose the Best New Garage Door!

Choosing the best new garage door to enhance your curb appeal and ensure the reliability of your Keller TX home is difficult. But here at Meadows Garage Doors, we’ll walk you through every style, construction, and brand to ensure you make the right choice. From garage door sales to installation to service, we handle it all! Contact us if you’d like to learn more about garage door replacement or visit our Garage Doors page and Gallery to start shopping!

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Prompt, Friendly Service from Local Garage Door Specialists

Meadows Garage Doors provides only the best value for money when it comes to garage door repair and installation in Keller TX. This means aiming for the best possible customer experience, ensuring reasonable costs for our products and services, and giving FREE estimates and FREE professional advice. Take advantage of Meadows’ prompt, courteous, and honest garage door service that is second to none. Whether you need a garage door replacement or a routine annual garage door inspection, we can confidently get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us for garage door services in Keller TX!

Can I use my garage door if I have a broken garage door spring?

You should never use your garage door when your garage door springs are broken. Your garage door can weigh over 200 pounds and when your garage door springs are broken, there is nothing to support the weight of your garage door. You should never try to use your garage door if your springs are broken. 

If your garage door is not opening but your motor is running, it is because of a failure in the opener drive system. If your garage door opener has worn-out hardware, it can cause your door to malfunction and stop your garage door from successfully running. Schedule a garage door opener repair, and we’ll restore your garage door!

What Our Customers Say

Very courteous and knowledgeable staff! They repaired my garage same day and were very quick with the repairs. Will happily use them again the next time I need work... read more

Josh Erekson Avatar Josh Erekson
August 14, 2023

Very friendly technician. Fair price for the time/work completed.

Jeffery Marler Avatar Jeffery Marler
August 14, 2023

Great experience and great service! Rafael was awesome, he was very knowledgeable and explained all the different options to me, there was no pressure! Highly recommend!

Noel Lorenzo Avatar Noel Lorenzo
August 9, 2023
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