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Does your door make a loud bang? Does it only open a few inches? You could be dealing with a broken spring. When a spring breaks, the door gets unbalanced and can be difficult to open manually because of the weight. When this happens, don’t continue using the door. Using your garage door opener with a faulty spring can cause extensive damage to the entire garage door system. To prevent further damage and, more importantly, personal harm, we highly recommend calling the pros at Meadows Garage Doors for professional garage door spring replacement in Southlake, TX. We’ll make sure that your springs get the attention they need to function correctly and prevent such failures in the future.

Benefits of Professional Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

To have your door repaired correctly, it’s essential to seek help from a professional. Professional services protect you from injuries, save time and money, keep your garage door warranty valid, and guarantee lasting repairs. Whether it is garage spring repair or any other service, our team is ready to help you.

You should look out for some signs when determining if it’s time for garage door torsion spring replacement. Contact us if you notice:

  • Springs look stretched out
  • Loud, unusual noises from the garage
  • Door closes too slow or too fast
  • Door not moving or too heavy
  • Door opens only a few inches
  • Crooked door
  • Loose cables

Garage Door Spring Replacement Process

If your garage door spring broken and you need them fixed fast, reach out to us. We’ll come to your home and perform a thorough assessment to determine if replacement is the best option. We carry different springs with high cycles of more than 10,000 to suit any garage door. We’ll carefully remove your old springs and install new ones. When done, we’ll test your door to ensure the replacement works.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two main types of springs used in the operation of overhead doors- torsion and extension springs.

Torsion springs are one of the main components of the counterbalance of the garage door. If one or two torsion springs break, the door stops working properly or completely fails. Our team knows how to repair all types of torsion spring issues.

Extension springs are placed along the sides of the door. If they stop working, the lift system of your door will also stop functioning. We replace these springs quickly and safely, ensuring your door remains responsive at all times.

Hire Our Trusted Garage Door Company

At Meadows Garage Doors, we’re devoted to offering the best service and solutions for various garage door-related issues in Southlake, TX, and beyond. Whether your garage door has stopped working due to a faulty opener or broken spring, rest assured our garage door company can handle it with utmost professionalism and care. Our highly qualified team will assist you from the moment you contact us. We’ll immediately send a technician to your home and examine your garage door. 
We are equipped with all the necessary tools and parts to provide garage door services in a single visit. We involve you in the whole process so you can understand what caused the problem and see our servicemen working to know how we’ll work on and complete the repairs. Contact us today to request an estimate for garage door spring replacement.

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