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What is a High Lift Garage Door? 

High lift garage doors are built to extend your tracks, which allows your garage door to rise higher than the standard horizontal curve. Since high lift garage doors are closer to the ceiling, it frees 12”-15” of headroom in your garage area. With this freed headspace, your garage will be able to accommodate two cars stacked on top of each other with ease. Another benefit of adding a high lift garage door is the additional overhead storage. Being able to store things higher and off the ground will give the space needed to transform your garage into a gym, a lounge, or a mancave. 

High Lift Garage Door Installation in Saginaw TX 

High lift garage doors allow homeowners to utilize extra space in their garage. With high lift garage doors, you can turn your garage door space into whatever best fits your needs. When it comes to enhancing your garage area with a high quality high lift, you can count on Meadows Garage Doors to be there for you! We are skilled in not only high lift garage door installations, but we can also convert your existing garage doors into a high lift. If you are wanting to increase headroom in your garage, call us for a high lift garage door installation near Saginaw TX.

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