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New Garage Door

What styles do you offer for customers who plan to renovate their garage door?

Classic materials we install are wood, glass, steel, and aluminum. From there, there are several styles our team can help you decide on. Whether you want a garage door to stand out or blend perfectly with your home’s architectural design, we’ll measure, show you samples, and help you pick out a special garage door design for you. Also check out our gallery page here for a peek behind the curtain of what we do here at Meadows Garage Doors. Call us today to set up your free new garage door installation consultation!

Upon planning for a new garage door, what you want your new garage door to look like might be the only tough part! Meadows Garage Doors is with you all the way to installation day for installing your new garage door.

Before installation day, all we ask is a clean garage for our team to freely move long and heavy materials. As long as personal items are cleared away from the front, middle, and sides of the garage, we’ll be able to access the door systems and promptly complete your new garage door installation.

There are signs that your garage door needs to be replaced if there are aesthetic or mechanical damages to your garage door system such as:

  • Your garage door has unreliable opening and closing. 
  • You need more frequent garage door repairs. 
  • There is significant damage to your garage door. 
  • Your door makes loud shaking or grinding noises. 
  • There is significant damage to your garage door panels. 
  • An increase in your energy bill without any lifestyle changes. 
  • Your garage door is 15 – 20 years old
  • Your garage door is sagging. 
  • Your garage door opens slowly.
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Garage Door Repair

This may be due to something blocking your garage door sensors. These sensors are located at the base of your garage door. If the sensors can’t see each other, the door won’t close. This keeps it from closing on any people, pets, or possessions. Try clearing away any dust or dirt from the sensors and make sure they’re aligned properly and that nothing’s in the way. If this still doesn’t work, give us a call and we’ll inspect your garage door and opener.

Before you do anything else, make sure your garage door can fully close without manually shutting it. Check if the hardware is still aligned, including the tracks and the torsion springs. Torsion springs are what helps close your garage door completely. If there are signs of rusting or separation between the black coils in the torsion springs, contact Meadows Garage Doors for repair! Our technicians can assess the situation, and quickly perform a garage door spring replacement as well as garage door opener repair.

The number one reason for repeated garage door spring failure is simple wear and tear. The average lifespan of a garage door spring is built to last about 10,000 cycles– one cycle being the garage door opening fully and coming back down to close. For a reliable, long-lasting garage door, ask a Meadows Garage Doors professional about what the best option could be for you.

Here are a few signs that your opener needs repair:

  • Garage door stuck 
  • Garage door remote not working 
  • Garage door opens by itself 
  • Garage door won’t open
  • Garage door won’t close
  • Garage door won’t close with remote 
  • Garage door keypad not working

There are some instances where a garage door is past the point of our repair services. Call Meadows Garage Doors to replace your garage door if you begin to notice:

  • Your garage door has multiple damaged panels. 
  • You notice rusting and/or separation between your torsion springs.
  • Your garage door is reaching 15 years old. 
  • You need more frequent garage door repairs. 
  • You notice an increase in your energy bill despite season changes. 
  • Your garage door has become unreliable.

Is there a maintenance plan that Meadows Garage Doors can enroll me in?

While all garage doors require regular maintenance– from a professional or not- the recommended amount of scheduled maintenance they require is at least once a year! Call us anytime at (817) 909-3560 to set up an appointment that fits your schedule, and we’ll come to your home.

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